Chopper Scott


-What would you give up for a million dollars?

New research out of the U.K. finds that some people would do anything for money. In fact one-in-ten men surveyed said they'd break up with their partner for one-million-pounds, which translates into over 1.5-million U.S. dollars. Just one-in-20 women said they'd do the same to their partner for cash. The top five things people said they'd do for money were: give up chocolate and fast food for life, stop drinking booze for life, leave the UK forever, move in with their mother-in-law for a year, and streak naked around the office. Respondents said if they had that much money they wish they could buy the following items: a superhuman power, such as time travel, a new job, a better body, a new boyfriend or girlfriend, and a sporting skill.


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