Chopper Scott


-Join the Mile High Club for $800!


For businessman Andy Johnson, a new venture has taken the form of "Love Cloud," which lets couples join the so-called 'Mile High Club,' doing the do while in flight.  How does it, uh, go down?  Well, just take out the six seats on Johnson's Cessna 421 Golden Eagle aircraft replace them with a bed, give the pilots noise-cancelling headphones for privacy's sake and voila!  It's love in motion, at 52-hundred-eighty feet above Las Vegas.  Condoms and lubricant are complimentary.  By the way, don't try to get all tantric with your shagging.  You've got forty minutes to get the job done.  That's how long "Love Cloud" air cruises last.  Flight packages for Love Cloud start at $800.  Only in Vegas, baby...


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