Chopper Scott


-Dietary labels we can finally understand.

LABELS THAT TRANSLATE CALORIES INTO WALKING DISTANCE COULD HELP PEOPLE DIET: An online survey finds that people who see just how many miles they'd have to walk to burn off that cheeseburger are less likely to eat it. Researcher Anthony Viera and his colleagues conducted on online survey of just over 800 people in which participants were presented with one of four different menus. One of the menus provided only calorie counts, another supplemented this with information about the number of minutes none would need to walk to burn those calories, the third showed the calorie numbers plus the distance required to walk them off, and the fourth showed no nutritional data. It was found that those who viewed a menu, which included physical-activity information, ordered on average 200-calories less than those who saw the menu with no nutritional information. One expert says, "This is a huge window of opportunity for the public health community to provide consumers with useful information about calories."


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